A plan for measuring happiness

Tomer Sharon
3 min readNov 15, 2019

In 2012 I published my first book, It’s Our Research, and swore I would never do that again. In 2016 I did it again and published my second book, Validating Product Ideas, and swore I would never do that again.

Throughout the years I asked myself why am I doing it. After all, I don’t really enjoy writing and I truly consider publishing books as the hardest work I have ever done.

A book is one of the most if not the most solid ways to organize a piece of content. It’s a huge personal achievement and I don’t see books go anywhere anytime soon. That said, I do have content I wish to share, and I am passionate about changing people’s behavior and making things better for them. I am searching for a different channel and I am launching an experiment as a part of this path toward finding a way to share content and create energy to act on it.

Questions I am interested in

  1. What if a book wasn’t a book?
  2. What if it was small pieces of rich content delivered daily to your phone?
  3. What if consuming it would take 5 minutes every day?
  4. How might this work?
  5. Would people finish “reading” it?
  6. Would they be satisfied, engaged, retained?
  7. Would it change their behavior?

These are all questions I set to myself as ones I’d like to answer with the experiment I am launching. Here are the details.

Measuring user happiness

People consider happiness to be a quality of life that is more important than having a meaningful life or even becoming rich. Happiness manifests itself as a pleasurable physical, digital, or human-to-human product and service experience. Ignorance, immaturity, and controversy affect why happiness is measured, what is being measured, and how. Happiness has become a hot topic in boardrooms and living rooms everywhere.

My experiment and you

After hundreds of people signed up for round 1 with stunning results such as very high satisfaction rates (93.6%) and actionable results (74.8% indicated they took action because of the plan), I am launching round 2 of this experiment on Monday, January 6, 2020. A first of its kind 4-week, 20-day Telegram plan on the topic of Measuring User Happiness. Throughout the plan, I will send you daily lessons which will encourage you to create better products and services by changing how you measure success or failure. You will gain practical knowledge and techniques to effectively measure happiness in 20 short daily lessons that combine text, imagery, audio, and video. The last day is dedicated to self-evaluation which will help you and I understand how much you’ve learned.

I have big plans for this thing if this experiment works out yet every big plan starts with a small step. Please join me!

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