Fake Doors MVP

Fake it ‘till you make it

Landing page

A typical (bad) landing page

The button to nowhere

404 testing

Would Google do it?

Determine a Fake Doors threshold



I have never seen ONE entrepreneur that got rejected by the sharks and said he or she is dropping their idea. Not even one.

Why Fake Doors work?

  • Great for finding how potential customers perceive the value of an offering.
  • Good for evaluating single, very small features through very specific services to entire product suites.
  • Reduces the risk of wasting time on expensive product development.
  • Keeps you from delivering features, products, and services your customers don’t really want.
  • Forces you to start speaking the language that resonates with customers, practice, and perfect it.



Cofounder & CXO at anywell, author of Validating Product Ideas, It's Our Research, & Measuring User Happiness. Ex-Google, Ex-WeWork, Ex-Goldman Sachs. 2∞&→

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